What We Do

Sterling Plumbing, Inc. provides quality plumbing installations for all types of new construction. We specialize in providing problem-free products and installations, and have expended a great deal of effort into developing a system and gathering a capable body of personnel that provides these products and services as quickly as possible.

Our Customer Service Department serves not only the builder, but the general public as well. Even if we did not install the plumbing in your home, we are always ready to serve you! We stock a great variety of parts and products to help you with maintenance, replacement and upgrade. Our service technicians are plumbers, not salespeople, and do not work on commission, so our customers need not worry about becoming a victim to over-selling or scare tactics.

At Sterling Plumbing, Inc. we pay close attention to training and qualifying our employees, so we will be ready for whatever direction this industry takes in the future. Our goal is simple: to consistently provide the absolute best in quality, production, and customer service. To achieve this, Sterling Plumbing, Inc. continues to work closely with our builders and developers to anticipate trends.